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Why do employers take so long?

One of the biggest pains in the job seeking process is the wait. Why do employers take so long? Read on to find out why!

How long is long?

We looked into all 87 cases of TRIIIO’s candidates that were offered in Q2 2022 (April to June) to understand further. We measured 3 main intervals of the recruitment process which were date of submission, date of 1st interview and date of verbal offer.

From this, the average time taken from first interview to verbal offer is 9.73 days. Out of this, 12 of our employers were able to provide a verbal offer immediately after the first interview. The longest took 41 days from the first interview to receive a verbal offer.

So, if you’re waiting more than 10 days for an offer, that’s too long! Out of 87 cases, 30% took more than 10 days to complete.

So then why do employers take so long?

Multiple rounds of interview

All of the employers that took more than 10 days to complete their interview process had more than 2 rounds of interviews. The longest process involved more than 4 rounds of interviews! While it’s easy to place the blame solely on the interviewers, we noticed that jobseekers were also often responsible for such delays.

Holidays and timing

Secondly, timing played a big role. In Q2, the Hari Raya break contributed to the increase of the interview process time. In another case, one of our clients had their interviewing team away on a 1 week overseas offsite, which caused a huge spike in interview process time. When the team came back, we saw that the interview process time decreased by 7 days!


Finally, scaling recruitment processes is very hard. Two of our clients were in the process of scaling up their hiring initiative, with both having the challenging goal of recruiting more than 30 people within 6 months! Due to this, complexities arose, such as having to review a large volume of candidate resumes, coordinating interviews with multiple stakeholders, gathering feedback post interview… you get the idea.

What now?

There you have it! Those are the top 3 reasons why employers take so long. We understand the pain of waiting and we hope to show you that sometimes, it is a difficult task for those in the recruitment team too! At TRIIIO, our recommendation to jobseekers is to keep interviewing so that you are not at the mercy of things outside your control.

Here are some employers that we work with that have a short interview process (1 round of interviews):


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