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Why you should learn Python in 2023

Haven’t you heard? Python is the future!

Python has been around for a long time, but demand for this skill has been growing steadily over the years. Especially in 2023, demand has grown by 40%, and it shows no signs of slowing down!

But what really makes Python such a popular language, and why should you learn it?

1. Python is beginner friendly!

Python is super easy to learn - in fact, it’s considered one of the easiest programming languages to pick up! With a super simple syntax that resembles the English language, Python allows for fewer lines of code to achieve certain tasks. The simplicity and closeness to real human language also helps beginners to analyse the code and debug quickly!

Beginners will also benefit from Python allowing you to run each line of code as you finish writing it, which can be super helpful in reducing bugs in the end product. With a vibrant, open-source community, learning Python is made easy with the sheer number of resources available to those looking to learn!

2. Python is used a lot in AI and Machine Learning!

With AI and machine learning disrupting the way we work, every software engineer is looking forward to jumping headfirst into these new and exciting projects. And Python is amongst the leading languages in this field! Python’s ability to analyse large amounts of data and provide accurate predictions has been a game changer for business efficiency and productivity.

On top of this, Python’s huge variety of libraries and great visualisation options have made this language a more popular option than Java for these kinds of projects. Especially as more companies explore new ways to offer world-class experiences, Python is only expected to become more important in these fields.

3. Python is super versatile

As a general-purpose language, Python is used by many different industries in a variety of roles. Aside from its usage in AI and machine learning, Python is also widely used in web development, data science and scientific computing, making it a useful skill to have if you’re looking to work on many different projects. You could even use it in place of Excel if you wanted to!

Python’s versatility isn’t just limited to its cross-industry applications, it is also a cross-platform language! This means codes can be written on one OS, and executed on another with no issues. This makes it really easy to test project functionality across different devices. On top of this, Python runs smoothly with other languages, such as Java (Jython) and C (Cpython).

4. It’s super in demand!

With Python’s undeniable versatility and ability to be applied across a huge number of industries, the demand for Python is high as ever, especially in coding and data science roles. Python is often the language of choice of startups building their initial products, due to it being great for prototyping. Projects built with Python are also highly scalable, so companies of all sizes often use this language for their products!

But don’t just take it from us - here are some of our most popular Python roles!

For Senior Web Developers: Try Senior Python Developer at LizardApps.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Check out our other Python roles for yourself!


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