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Recruiter Tips: How Do I Find My Dream Job?

Searching for a job is always a difficult task, and you’re often stuck competing with many applicants for a single spot in your dream role. In job searching, some will push you to cast a large net and just see what jobs you catch - but is this really a viable option?

Ideally, you want to put your time and energy into a select few jobs that you’re truly passionate about, which shines through in your applications! It’s important to stand out - and it’s hard to stand out when you’re mass applying.

As recruiters, we know all about standing out from the crowd! Job applications can be tedious for anyone, but with a few tips and tricks from the TRIIIO wolves, you’re sure to shine!

Tailor your CV and Cover Letter

This is often overlooked, though incredibly important! Your CV should be a marketing brochure - not a passport. Try to market your best skills and experience that prove your ability to do the job, in line with the JD of the role you’re applying for, instead of letting them know every detail.

Your cover letter is another tool to prove your worth, in which you can highlight relevant projects and detail your involvement (concisely, of course). It is also worth mentioning reasons for leaving if your CV features short tenures - this can be written in either your CV or cover letter.

These two documents are your main tools to secure an interview, so should be written to prove your ability to do well in the role you’ve applied for.

Update your Linkedin profile!

An updated Linkedin profile may go a long way! Linkedin allows hiring managers to view a more authentic picture of candidates. So put a little effort into showing who you are through your profile! This includes using a clean and professional profile photo, providing comprehensive information regarding your skills and experience, and utilising your headline to catch viewers’ attention. There are many ways to let people know you’re looking out, so make full use of these tools!

Linkedin can also be used for networking and research purposes. By connecting with many industry professionals, your visibility will increase exponentially! By following pages, joining groups, posting about your professional life, and simply commenting on posts you resonate with - the opportunities are endless. So what are you waiting for?

Train your interview skills

Securing an interview is just one part of the process - next, you have to win over the hiring manager. The ability to sell yourself is incredibly important, which is why the TRIIIO Wolves stress so much about this! It’s so important in fact, we have a whole document to help you through it!

There are a number of skills needed in order to ace an interview, and a lot of it revolves around the ability to speak and articulate your experience skillfully. Oftentimes, hiring managers are looking for someone who is proactive, and this can be seen through answering questions that haven’t yet been asked! The STAR method is a great way to answer questions regarding specific scenarios - tell them about the process and end result, as opposed to just the initial scenario.

Prepare, prepare, prepare!

Coming prepared for an interview should be a given, but you’d be surprised by how many people don’t take this into account! Ensuring you are wearing business attire and being on time, regardless of if you’re attending a physical or online interview can go a long way towards giving a good impression. With video interviews becoming more prevalent, it is also important to ensure your Zoom,Google Meet, or Teams usernames are professional.

Studying the role and company is also key in making a good impression. Company websites, Linkedin pages and Glassdoor can be very helpful tools in knowing what to expect from the company, and understanding how you fit into the equation. Interviews are also not just for the hiring manager to assess you, but also allows you to understand the team and people you will be working with. Come with questions that will help you understand if you’re the right fit, and look into what you may need from them if you were to join. Would you need additional training? If so, what kind? These are all things to think about!

Work with an external recruiter!

Recruiters, especially specialist recruiters, know the ins and outs of the recruiting process. Oftentimes, they also have direct access to the hiring manager and understand in detail the team’s requirements, both on a technical and interpersonal level. Even better, sometimes they’ll also have access to past and current employees within the organisation, to help you understand the experience you may go through!

Here at TRIIIO, each consultant is often working with multiple companies at any given time. As such, we have a great understanding of the IT and software engineering market in Malaysia. While internal recruiters may only give you information to push you towards accepting their offer, external consultants can provide you with a bigger picture to help you make better decisions which benefit you in the long run. On top of this, the TRIIIO Wolves are pros at negotiating, helping you negotiate your benefits if needed!

So there you have it! Getting your dream job can be a tedious process, and requires effort to reach your goal. However, the energy put in will definitely pay off, if you do it right! Over the past year, we’ve helped many of our candidates get at least a 50% increment when they switched jobs.

Still unsure? Speak to our consultants today and let us help you!


TRIIIO is a Malaysian recruitment firm focused on partnering with companies to find and recruit top talent and build their Software Engineering teams. For more information on how we can help you recruit Software Engineers in this candidate tight market, visit our service page. is a curated job board lovingly created by us at TRIIIO Recruitment to make your job search easier! Visit and start searching for Software Engineering jobs today!


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