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Untapped talent pool for companies in Penang?

Map of semiconductor companies outside of Penang and Kedah

A map of the semiconductor companies outside of Penang and Kedah

Penang has a mature, established Semiconductor ecosystem. That is why semiconductor companies have mushroomed across the northern states in the last 12 months. Just look at the InvestPenang website, it seems like there's a new company setting up their operations in Penang every week.

As the competition heats up for talents in the Semiconductor industry in Penang. We took a look at the Semiconductor industry across Malaysia to understand if there are opportunities to leverage on talent pools from other states.

Supply and Demand

Candidate salary is largely driven by the number of opportunities available for them. Based on the Malaysia Semiconductor Industry Association, the number of semiconductor companies in Penang and Kedah is 4x more than all the other states combined. That means that competition for these talents is intense in northern Malaysia.

Number of semiconductor companies in Penang and Kedah is 4x the amount everywhere else

Comparison of total number of semiconductor companies between Penang and Kedah and Everywhere Else.

Untapped pool in the other states

Since the ecosystem is less developed compared to Penang, that could mean that the talents available are exposed less to more complex processes. If the employers have the means to train them up, they will gain access to a new pool of candidates.

Attracting talents to the Pearl of the Orient

The main challenge lies with attracting and convincing these talents to relocate to Penang and Kedah. From our research, candidates listed better remuneration as the number 1 reason to explore new opportunities. Coupled this with a lower cost of living, moving to Penang and Kedah could be a compelling idea.


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