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How can you make your company stand out amidst competition

The Malaysian workforce is experiencing a transformative shift as employees seek greater flexibility, comprehensive wellness benefits, and recognition for their contributions!

With the growing demand for work-life balance and holistic support, companies are adapting to meet the changing needs and expectations of their employees.

So, here are some in-demand employee benefits that are making waves right now for you to consider!

🔵 Flexible Work Arrangements

Flexible work arrangements like remote work and flexible hours are on the rise, and it's easy to see why. Employees are embracing the freedom and convenience of working on their terms. Who wouldn't want to escape rush-hour traffic for a more balanced lifestyle?

In Malaysia, the demand for flexibility is clear!

The numbers don't lie — 54% of Malaysians want flexible work arrangements, and a whopping 80% would happily work from home at least three times a week!

With flexible work options, employees can say goodbye to stressful commutes and say hello to quality time with loved ones or pursuing hobbies! And the benefits go beyond personal happiness — studies also show that flexible work leads to increased productivity. Employees can design their own work environment, focus better, and unleash their creativity into their work!

🟣 All-Inclusive Wellness Benefits

Imagine working for a company that goes above and beyond to take care of your well-being, not just with the typical healthcare benefits, but with a whole array of all-inclusive wellness perks!

74% of employees in Malaysia want greater support from their employers in terms of healthcare and mental health benefits. With changing work-life expectations, it's crucial for companies to prioritise their employees' well-being. After all, when they’re at their best, they can conquer anything that comes their way!

And going beyond the usual coverage of medical insurance, dental and vision care, companies like Ørsted have taken it to the next level with their wellness benefits!

These wellness benefits allow employees to choose from a variety of wellness activities and services, from massages to subsidised gym memberships and everything in between. It's like having a personal wellness concierge!

And let's face it, taking care of ourselves shouldn't stop at the doctor's office. Your employee’s mental health matters too! That's why it's so important for employers to provide all-inclusive wellness benefits as a competitive employee benefit.

🟢 Recognition And Rewards Programs

While wellness perks are extremely important, recognition and rewards programs also play a vital role in motivating and retaining employees! When employees are acknowledged and appreciated for their contributions, they feel valued and recognized for their hard work.

According to a 2022 Malaysian Employers Federation (MEF) report, 93% of companies in Malaysia gave out and increased bonuses to their employees. This shows how much these organisations value and appreciate their employees!

Performance bonuses, in particular, serve as a powerful incentive for employees to go above and beyond in their roles, knowing that their efforts will be rewarded! By fostering a culture of recognition and rewards, it not only boosts employee morale but also contributes to higher productivity levels and overall organisational success.

Why take on the unnecessary stress and complications of handling your employer benefits? We’ll make sure to personalise your benefits package with meticulously prepared reports, catering specifically to your preferences.

Get in touch with our Customer Solutions Expert, Viknesh Govind today!


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