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Introducing TRIIIO's Qualified Candidate Plan

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Meet only the most Qualified Candidate

Today, TRIIIO is proud to introduce TRIIIO's newest recruitment service- TRIIIO Qualified Candidate Plan. The all new Qualified Candidate Plan are the ultimate recruitment service designed for busy TA teams and Hiring Managers. You get upfront reference and background checks, interview recording, candidate market insights and more in this incredible new service.

Upfront Reference Checks + Background Checks

Candidates that you meet from our Qualified Candidate Plan will have their Reference Checks and Background Checks completed even before you interview them! That way, you get the assurance that these candidates are suitable for the role.

See the candidates before you meet them with interview recording

Qualified Candidates come with time stamped- interview recording so you only spend time with the best candidates. Our interviews are designed to mirror your selection methodology with the goal of increasing candidate-requirement fit.

Make data-driven decisions with TRIIIO Candidate Market Insights.

Our methodical approach to recruiting starts with a TRIIIO long list. With this, you get an overview of talent availability of your requirements. From there on, candidates that are selected for interview with our experience consultants will be assessed and benchmarked. Along with upfront reference and background checks, you get the assurance of only interviewing the most Qualified candidates.

Reduce cost per hire by up to 50%*

Our Qualified Candidate plan is only charged at RM14,800 per role which is up to 50% lower than your conventional recruitment plan. Not only that, you can hire as many candidates as you get from the list. Helping you gain more from your investments.

Reach out to us today!

The brand new Qualified Candidate Plan is available starting today! Reach out to us here or LinkedIN to understand more.


*Cost per hire is compared to the conventional recruitment service at 22% of the successful candidate's salary.


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