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TRIIIO launches new job portal, techdesk v0.2

Introducing the next version of techdesk - Helping you search, together.

KUALA LUMPUR, 16 January 2023 – TRIIIO has officially launched the latest version of techdesk, a job portal that matches candidates to the best TRIIIO recruiters based on the jobs they apply to. The new version of techdesk features a brand new design, enhanced search features, and your very own techdesk profile to make your application stand out and speed up the recruitment process.

Discover the right jobs quicker

For the first time, techdesk comes with a filter system to help you find the right job for you quicker! The jobs are now categorized based on criterias that you care most about like remote working opportunities, location, preferred programming languages and the right seniority.

Make the right decisions with information that matters the most

All the opportunities that you see on techdesk are specially curated and qualified by our TRIIIO Consultants. When searching for jobs, you will be able to easily access important information for each role, such as salary range and number of interview rounds. This is to ensure candidates don’t waste time applying for roles that don’t fit their preferences.

Understanding you better

The next version of techdesk comes with a brand new “My techdesk Profile” feature. The techdesk profile is designed to help us understand your career desires better. We move away from asking you to fill in a standard job applicant form to seeking to understand your career aspirations, desired next roles and ideal companies. All of this is with the goal of helping you discover opportunities that are best for you.

Search together with specialist consultants

Job searching can be lonely, so don’t do it alone! Our TRIIIO Consultants will be there with you along the way. From helping you to shortlist the best opportunity for you, to helping you prepare for your interviews and finally, fighting in your corner when negotiating the right salary. Our focus allows us to help you navigate the job market better. Check out our candidate reviews here to find out more.


Our mission at TRIIIO is to solve the planet’s recruitment challenges by providing an unparalleled level of care to both our candidates and our clients. We strive to provide a service that always has their best interests at heart and one that focuses on creating long term value. techdesk is a TRIIIO product that was created to elevate our candidate’s job search experience.

For more enquiries, please email (Chief Product Officer) or (Product Manager).


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