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Why Recruit a Recruitment Partner?

Is your company considering using a recruitment agency? Are you, as a hiring manager, weighing the pros and cons to gauge whether it would be worth it to invest your time and cost in authorising an agency to help you recruit more employees?

As job markets become more competitive by the day, there are increasing potential employees to be recruited. Filtering through the market to find the best candidate to fit a certain position can take a long time and is not really cost-effective. Streamlining the internal recruitment process becomes arduous and complex, especially for companies that do not have the right resources to expedite their hiring process. Hence, companies tend to turn to a recruitment agency to function essentially as a conduit for both the candidates and the companies. But, why?

Let us convince you that it is worth taking the risk of using a recruitment agency to reap the benefits. Below are some benefits as to why companies and businesses use a recruitment partner:

Identifying Talent and Access to Best Candidates

Recruitment agencies have access to a large talent pool and a database of candidates, whether they are pre-screened or referenced. Candidates are also interviewed beforehand by agencies to ensure their capabilities, experiences, suitabilities, availability, expectations, and needs are recognised and aligned. A company or a business knows what they are looking for in a candidate when they open a role vacancy. Through an agency, they understand the role criteria, job descriptions and provisions for the said vacancy so that they can provide the ‘ideal candidate(s)’ to fill in the vacancy. Consultants already have a strong network, and by utilising the database that they already established, it eases the hiring process from beginning to end.

Specialists and Industrial Experts

Most, if not all, recruitment agencies are specialists in specific industries. As they function to provide staffing solutions in an industry-specific company, recruitment consultants can offer up-to-date job market trends, industrial insights, and skill-specific talent acquisition to a company or a business. Furthermore, they may have more knowledge in technical roles and transferable skills that an ‘ideal candidate’ has which a company might miss in their own internal recruitment process. The best strategy at play is to allow agencies to guide employers and hiring managers in making informed decisions. Their value lies by becoming an intermediary between a company and a candidate, managing the expectations of all parties involved. Through this, using a recruitment agency can provide value by enabling business growth and maximising potential in a company.

Humanising Talent Acquisition

Recruitment agencies will go above and beyond to ensure that advertised vacancies in a company can be filled with candidates of the highest calibre. One way is by humanising the recruitment process. Looking back at automation in recruitment, technology may not have the best judgement in finding and finalising the best candidate, especially when there are insurmountable applications that automation will have to analyse. Consultants actively seek and reach out to talents/professionals with the best required skill sets that fit a role’s criteria. They build connections, communicate directions and guidance, and establish understanding directly with the professionals. Although some potential candidates are possibly not looking for a career change, they may be open to the possibility. Recruitment agencies can influence their decisions.

Now, let us convince you why your company or business should use TRIIIO and our services.

Dedicated Specialist Recruitment Team

TRIIIO Wolves, or our recruiter and consultants, are the voice of our clients. We engage and communicate with companies and businesses to understand their wants and needs in recruitment as they are all different. Our dedicated specialist recruitment team tackle various staffing and industrial issues and provide solutions based on the company's values, business and culture. As an IT recruitment agency, market trends revolving around technology are ever-changing. The operations of our Wolves are narrowed and funnelled accordingly, but constantly evolving to cover wide areas within the information technology industry, such as data science, software and programming, automation, telecommunication and many more. With this, TRIIIO does not have a problem in connecting with all tech companies, be it locally or internationally.

Ideal Turnaround Time and Candidate Management

At TRIIIO, we promise the ideal turnaround time for our clients. Our goal is to achieve 3 working days turnaround time in recruitment, from vetting, sourcing, managing and recruiting of candidates. As infeasible as it sounds, our Wolves endeavour to provide unparalleled care and services to our clients. From providing quality candidates with matched requirements, ensuring technical and cultural fit, allowing access to deep candidates networks to providing proven resources for long-term options. TRIIIO Wolves also operate by using our robust 4S recruitment methodology. We ensure that our candidates are managed pre and post-placement for extended retention.

Access to Techdesk

Techdesk, powered by TRIIIO, is a portal where a candidate can create their own unique profiles and search through job vacancies in the IT industry. We will advertise all the vacancies that your company is currently trying to fill in. Our techdesk is one of the few portals that state our client company’s name and budget for a vacant role. Although it’s in beta mode, we ensure that the interfaces are user-friendly, and we’re working on developing it further.

Are you convinced yet? Do reach out to us if you would like to know more of other benefits that we can offer.


TRIIIO is a Malaysian recruitment firm focused on partnering with companies to find and recruit top talent and build their Software Engineering teams. For more information on how we can help you recruit Software Engineers in this candidate tight market, visit our service page. is a curated job board lovingly created by us at TRIIIO Recruitment to make your job search easier! Visit and start searching for Software Engineering jobs today!


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