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What Does a Recruiter Even Do?

What is a recruiter, truly?

As a candidate, you might be looking to progress to the next stage in your career.

Without understanding the function of a recruiter, you might still be hesitant in using one because there are so many uncertainties and risks that you may not be willing to take.

Previously, we have laid out several benefits in our article on how an agency can help hiring managers, both in general or from using TRIIIO’s services.

Let’s learn more from the founders of TRIIIO, Stefan, Shaik and Shaun:

“We have an immense role to play in society. We strive to better humanity.”

Recruiters put themselves in a position to help candidates and talents understand who they really are in the labour market. Anyone (and we mean anyone!) can leverage the expertise of recruiters as they bridge the gap between you and the job market.

TRIIIO’s founders truly believe that recruiters have a very active role in consulting and advising candidates about their career decisions. “These are major life decisions that will impact a lot of things.”

In the same manner that the three of them established TRIIIO, recruiters help candidates to realise the potential that they can offer. That is a recruitment approach in its true essence.

The future is about people’s potential. In understanding this tenet, recruiters can provide resources to candidates on what the market is offering, the demands and opportunities, and your wants and needs in progressing to the next stage.

But, we are more than just that. As a consultant, we also navigate and challenge candidates on their thought process. Hard-hitting questions will be asked, such as: Are you truly satisfied with the current position that you’re holding?; What are your career goals?; Where do you see yourself in 3 to 5 years and what are you currently doing to get to that point?; What is your top priority when looking for a new job - salary, location, work flexibility, progression and growth?

This approach allows candidates to understand their own perspectives and allows us to advise them on the next best steps.

“We open up as many opportunities, open up people’s eyes to what’s possible.”

As many opportunities that can be provided by recruiters, candidates would want them to fall within their expectations. The expectations upon candidates are also at an all-time high. All of the expectations will not be able to be reached.

Thus, a recruiter’s function is managing the expectations that candidates have and how to shape the market’s expectations in order for them to be fulfilled by talents.

Being a tech recruitment agency, we manage a lot of software engineers, programmers and developers. The ever-changing market trends in tech and IT industries mean that candidates will struggle to stay up-to-date, and this is where we come in.

One way that we do it is by constantly making an effort to build great bonds and relationships with them. We teach them to understand the benefits that they can procure. We want to provide support in any way that is realistic for us to work with our candidates - for example, helping a candidate even after they are placed in a company through our services.

This continuous presence of a recruiter in the life of a candidate or a client shows much we truly care in bettering the society.

“We provide advisory services.”

Recruiters are more than just navigators and providers. We are an advisor. We emphasise being trustworthy and truthful in our practice.

In providing our advisory services, we will be real and share actual situations with our stakeholders. It’s not going to be all good and positive.

At most times, advising our candidates to apply for job applications, go for interviews, and be upfront on what they want in their offers are some of the simplest but significant stepping stones in moving forward.

While advising candidates, a recruiter will analyse a candidate’s state of affairs in their current position.

There have been situations where candidates will leave their companies because their expectations with the companies that they were working with were not aligned. We counsel our stakeholders to be self-aware of their weaknesses and strengths in all aspects possible. Through this, from a recruiter’s perspective, we can also understand how to fill in gaps that they might not have realised.

A lot has happened in the past 3 years, especially when COVID-19 negatively impacted the job market.

From the candidates’ end, it’s important to learn about the landscapes that you are in, gather relevant information and resources that you can in your own industries. There are platforms and communities that have been developed and galvanised, especially during COVID-19.

The climate has accelerated traditional companies in creating backend teams, hiring IT talents, assembling more developers to build new apps, for digital businesses and a lot more. We advise you - seek out those communities, learn what they know about the current market in IT and tech industries, build what you may be lacking. Only then you are able to make more informed decisions.

“Go out there, engage with recruiters!”

You have all the information at the tip of your fingers. Find out which recruiters you can be comfortable with. We’re all more than willing to help!

“Stick to one or two recruiters that you like. Check stuff with them and find a relevant recruiter for you at your level. Have a couple options and stick with them.”

That’s the beauty of recruiters. Connect with us and we can provide you with all the necessary resources. We will guide you to be THAT talent that companies will want to hire. The longer you stay with one recruiter, the easier it is to match you to your dream job.


TRIIIO is a Malaysian recruitment firm focused on partnering with companies to find and recruit top talent and build their Software Engineering teams. For more information on how we can help you recruit Software Engineers in this candidate tight market, visit our service page. is a curated job board lovingly created by us at TRIIIO Recruitment to make your job search easier! Visit and start searching for Software Engineering jobs today!


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