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Top 4 Highest Paid Areas in the Klang Valley for Developers!

What is the best paying area in the Klang Valley for software engineers and developers?

The Klang Valley is a huge area, and just like rent, your salary is influenced by the location you work in.

So, courtesy of, here are the top 4 places to work as a software engineer!

4. Bangsar South & Bangsar

To our surprise, the bustling tech hub of Bangsar South isn’t top of the list! Home to a number of huge multinational companies, as well as a handful of up and coming fintech companies, software engineers here see an average salary of RM9431.

According to techdesk, the most lucrative skill set is Javascript, which can earn you an average of RM11,500! This is also a great area for mid-level developers, who are looking for stable companies to grow their career.

3. Bandar Utama, Mutiara Damansara & Damansara Perdana

The neighbourhoods around One Utama and The Curve are home to a number of companies vying for the best tech talent - and their salaries show it! On average, software engineers earn around RM9438.46, with the highest paying skill set here being Javascript again, which can earn a whooping average of RM14,500!

According to techdesk, senior developers are paid the highest in this area, earning an average of RM15,000.

2. Kuala Lumpur City Centre (ish)

Anyone driving regularly will complain about the insane jams around KLCC and it’s surrounding areas - but don’t worry, you’re compensated well for your time! If you’re energised by the hustle and bustle of city life, you’ll be pleased to know that the average pay for this area is RM9819!

DevOps candidates are best paid in this area (RM12,250), and techdesk shows that this is the best paying area for our junior developers, who can expect an average pay of RM6000!

And the winners of highest average pay in the Klang Valley?

*Drum roll…*

1. KL Eco City & Mid Valley!

Our neighbour companies in the many offices surrounding Mid Valley win the prize for highest average pay in the Klang Valley! Software developers stand to make an average of RM10,408 here, with Java developers able to earn around RM14,333!

While this area doesn’t top the list for any particular seniority, it takes 2nd for best average pay for both senior and junior developers!

So there you have it - the top paying areas in the Klang Valley, according to techdesk! Could you be convinced to drive across town for the extra cash?

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