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Techdesk roundup for August 2022 - Software Engineering jobs in Malaysia

August is a wonderful time, with all Malaysians coming together to celebrate the nation's independence!

We analyzed all the software engineering jobs to bring you a snapshot of the job market from our own job portal, Techdesk!

There were a total of 76 software engineering roles open on Techdesk by the end of August. Bear in mind - many of these jobs are hiring multiple software engineers!

Unsurprisingly, the demand for Java software engineers was highest. Over the last few years, Java remained the highest in demand. In addition to web applications, Java was also a requirement for many mobile software engineers. There are currently 22 jobs that require Java opened on at the moment.

The second most in demand skills are jobs with Javascript. Javascripts’ versatility across front end, back end, web and mobile applications means the demand comes from a multitude of sectors. According to this State of the Developer report, the Javascript community is the largest developer community in the world. We expect the demand for Javascript engineers to increase and overtake Java before the end of the year.

The third most in demand programming language is a tie between PHP and C#. Both have 13 jobs open each. Typically, PHP is more commonly used in startups whereas C# is used in larger organizations.

Check out PHP and C# jobs here.

After that, there’s a huge drop off in demand with most other programming languages such as Python, Swift, Objective C, React Native and Typescript having between 1 or 2 opportunities opened.

Finally, we have one opportunity where the company is opened to hiring engineers who come from any programming background.

That’s it for August’s summary and see you next month!


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