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Resignation Letter Template- for Software Engineers in Malaysia

How do you capitalize on the current demand for Malaysian software engineers? The first step is to visit for the best software engineering jobs, and do your research on how to secure that offer! Once you’ve secured multiple offers, the next step is to resign from your current role.

Our template was created in accordance with the Employment Act 1955. We’ve compiled a few samples and templates that should help you in a few use cases.

Your resignation letter should contain 2 key ingredients which are:

  1. Explicitly mentioning that you are resigning.

  2. Last date

The "great relationship with my manager" way

Hello [Manager’s name],

It is with sadness to share with you that I have decided to resign from my role as Software Engineer at [Name of employer].

I have learned a lot from you and you’ve been a wonderful manager who has taught me a lot over the last few [Duration of employment]

My last day will be on the [Date of last day].

I will complete my handover and help the team as much as I can while I serve the remainder of my notice period.


[Your Name]

The Professional and Neutral way

Hello [Manager’s Name],

Please accept this email as a formal notification of my resignation as Software Engineer from [Company Name].

Thank you for the opportunity over the last [Duration of employment]. I have enjoyed working with you.

As per my employment contract, I will be serving my notice period from today and my last day will be [Last day date].

Thank you.


[Your name]

Feedback for your Manager:

Hello [Manager’s name].

First of all, thank you for your guidance over the last few years. I am writing this to you to inform you that I am resigning from my role as software engineer.

Based on my employment contract, I will start serving my notice period from today and my last day at [your organization] will be on [last date].

I would like to provide feedback to you from my experience working with you. [Specific feedback about why you enjoyed working with your manager]

[Specific feedback about what you think they can improve on]

Thank you,


[Your name]

Hope this helps!


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