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Case Study: Tune Protect used a specialist recruitment firm to close all of their vacancies

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

About Tune Protect

Tune Protect is a leader in the travel, retail and digital insurance space with presence across 60 markets through its own general insurance and reinsurance arm.

Identified recruitment challenges

Tune Protect couldn’t close their software engineering vacancies for 6 months. We discovered that their offer packages, interview process and fulfilling regulatory requirements between offer were factors contributing to the high candidate withdrawal rates.

How TRIIIO helped Tune Protect close all of their available vacancies

Assigning a .Net specialist team to Tune Protect

Upon learning Tune Protect's requirements from our discovery and role qualification sessions, 3 consultants from our .Net team were assigned to work with Tune protect. They were able to engage candidates with matching skills and interest from their network. This meant Tune Protect quickly received relevant profiles for these vacancies'. The result of which was a 100% profile submission to interview ratio.

Continuous Role Qualification

In addition to receiving the brief from the CTO of Tune Protect directly, the team sat in a couple interviews to refine their understanding of Tune Protect's requirements. This process enabled the team to ensure the candidates are engaged during the entire process. This meant Tune Protect reduced the time spent on interviewing the candidates that were a poor fit.

Continuous Candidate Engagement

Operating in a highly regulated insurance industry meant Tune Protect face a challenge in engaging successful candidates whilst they complete the process that include medical checks, background checks and documentation. TRIIIO worked closely with Tune Protect to strategically planned out touch points to keep them engaged.

The Result

  • 34 submissions within 2 months, 100% submission to interview rate

  • 10 offers with 3 candidates already accepted/verbally accepted

  • Tune Protect was able to close all the role


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