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Case Study: Rapid ramp up using TRIIIO in a Regional Bank’s Transformational Journey

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

The name of the bank, roles have been changed due to NDA restrictions


Regional Bank (The Bank) embarked on a Digital Transformation Journey as part of their 5 year plan. They appointed TRIIIO Recruitment as their recruitment partner to ramp up hiring for the Digital Team. This included Software Architects, Head of DevOps, Full Stack Engineers and QA Engineers.

The Bank appointed TRIIIO Recruitment for this effort because of our focus in recruiting and engaging Tech talents relevant to their requirements.

Context of Requirements

The Bank’s goal was to build up a new engineering team using open source technologies as part of their Digital Transformation Journey. This team was not part of the Bank’s traditional Technology team and reported directly to the VP of Transformation. The goal of this team was to build new systems using modern development philosophies such as Agile, CI/CD and DevOps.

Their initial requirements included 1 x Software Architect, 3 x Senior Full Stack Engineer, 1 x Senior DevOps Engineer, 2 x Automation QA Lead, 1 x Tech Lead.

TRIIIO conducted a detailed Role Qualification meeting with the Hiring Manager, who was Head of Engineering for the Digital Transformation initiative. This meeting allowed us to understand the requirements in detail from Responsibilities, cultural requirements, technical requirements and ideal candidate profiles.

Upon completion of the Role Qualification meeting, the requirements were assigned to 4 different consultants who specialized in each of those areas.

TRIIIO’s 4S methodology

Sourcing: TRIIIO starts every assignment by assigning relevant candidates to a long list based on the information collected in the Role Qualification meeting. The long list is built primarily from our TRIIIO candidate database. New candidates are continuously sourced from various channels including referrals, job portals and social media. Once these candidates enter our database, TRIIIO consultants methodically engage them to understand their needs and find them relevant opportunities.

Screening: Once the long list has been populated, the consultants begin screening them based on the Bank’s requirements. In this stage, the candidates are verified for technical and cultural requirements as well as their interest for the role. This process is done across multiple days via instant messaging, phone calls and/or video calls. Our screening process ends by benchmarking candidates amongst each other to prepare a short list of candidates to be sent to the Bank. The result of this was a 100% submission to interview ratio for these roles.

Selecting: The Hiring Manager selected candidates from the short list to assess their fit through multiple rounds of interviews. The Bank’s interview process for these roles were only 2 rounds. 1st round to assess technical fit, 2nd round to assess cultural fit. During this stage, TRIIIO consultants work very closely with the candidates. We prepared them for interviews, conducted post-interview feedback and updated them on their progress frequently. The feedback gathered was shared with The Bank that enabled quicker decision making. When a candidate is offered for the role, TRIIIO consultants worked closely with the Bank to ensure a high rate of closure.

Service: One of the biggest challenges recruiting for the Bank was the long wait (up to 4 weeks from verbal offer) for Letter of Offer to be sent to the candidate. This was due to a combination of regulatory requirements and the Bank’s internal processes. During this time, TRIIIO consultants engaged successful candidates by frequently reaching out as well as meeting them in person. Additionally, we continuously worked with the Bank to keep them updated with the latest developments of the tech labor market.

The Result:

TRIIIO Recruitment was able to successfully fill 8 of the 9 roles with the Bank. We were able to do it within 6 months from the date of gathering the requirements. Our results are as such:


TRIIIO Recruitment’s focus on just serving one market allowed the Bank to recruit quickly and well. Of the 8 candidates recruited, all of them stayed for a period of more than 1 year. We believe this was only possible because of the Bank’s collaborative effort to ensure a positive recruitment experience, exciting mission and strong leadership.


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