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Case Studies: How Juda used data to beat the competition

Customer overview

JUDA Universe is an innovative AR/VR technology to deliver immersive experiences. As a startup operating in a highly competitive talent market, JUDA has to use every edge that they can find to help them win.

TRIIIO has worked tirelessly to provide solutions and suggestions to Juda for a whole year despite not seeing any results. Hard work paid off finally in December 2022 when Farah managed to place Nick Lim in Juda as the PHP Developer. Problem statement

  1. Full work from office arrangement with no flexibility to work from home. The office is located in Kajang

  2. The budget for the role is lower than what the market is offering for similarly skilled talent.

  3. The speed of processing applications was very slow, a lot of candidates withdrew during the hiring process.

  4. Long interview process due to take-home assignments with no fixed deadline.

Solution provided by TRIIIO

  1. Reconsider Juda’s working arrangement

    1. TRIIIO recommends Juda’s leadership team consider a hybrid working arrangement. The current PHP market is hyper-competitive, candidates have access to multiple opportunities at a single time which means that candidates have options to pick from. Work flexibility is an important decision-making factor for candidates and the data indicates that if flexibility is provided we have a better opportunity to attract candidates for the role. Recruitment data was presented to the leadership team by Govind and Patu

  2. Increase budget

    1. TRIIIO recommends increasing the budget to RM14,000 for the senior developer role.

Increasing the budget may help Juda to compete with companies that are hiring similar talents in the market. A salary guideline document was presented to the leadership team.

  1. A clear SLA to respond on submitted candidate profiles

    1. TRIIIO recommends Juda to provide feedback within an SLA of 48 hours to shorten the submission to feedback time from 7 days to 48 hours. This is to reduce potential withdrawal rates from submitted candidates as they are usually going for multiple opportunities.

  2. Shortening the interview process from 3 rounds to 2 rounds

    1. TRIIIO recommended Juda’s CTO, Zack, to reconsider the take-home assessment as it creates inefficiencies in the hiring process and prolongs the entire process to 2.5-3 weeks due to the assessment being highly complex and time-consuming. Zack then decided to remove the assessment and replaced it with a live coding session after seeking advice from TRIIIO. This allows Juda to remain competitive in the market where candidates are going to multiple interviews. With this, Zack is still able to verify a talent's technical skills and also increase the chance of securing a candidate with a good interview experience.


  1. Juda has decided to provide work flexibility for their employees. Candidates are required to be in the office 2 out of 5 days a week.

  2. The budget has been increase to RM 12K for senior software developers

  3. Due to the changes, TRIIIO has been able to close 1 candidate who started on 1st December 2022.

  4. Zack personally wrote a recommendation letter as below:


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