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Aspiring to be a Software Engineer? Here are 6 Accessible Places for Malaysians to Learn Coding

The IT and tech industry is vast and expanding, even in Malaysia.

Everywhere, companies are constantly looking to increase their talent pools with software engineers, programmers, IT technicians, application support, computer scientists, and a lot more. They are THE MOST in-demand professionals in the current and future market.

Whether you’re a skilled professional in the industry, a mid-level software engineer looking to upskill, or a complete beginner to coding, the market looks for the cream of the crop - and what better way to prove your abilities than to show your initiative to self-learn?

A new degree in Computer Science might be out of the question, and a number of other courses are often inaccessible due to high costs and barriers to entry.

That’s why we are here to give you a list of places that are affordable and accessible to learn coding and programming! All of them will equip you with the necessary skill-sets and make you highly employable.

Important note: All places will provide certifications upon completion, following their respective requirements. So, you don’t have to worry whether their courses are genuine!

Pioneered by Sunway Education Group, 42’s philosophy is that everyone should have access to sustainable professional integration. By providing a FREE curriculum that is open to all, regardless of one’s socioeconomic status and educational background, 42 offers an innovative approach in tech talent development for Malaysians and individuals across the world. They also provide the opportunity for industry placements, to increase your success!

AirAsia Academy is a collaboration between AirAsia’s Group corporate venture arm, AirAsia Digital, and Google Cloud. They aim to be a one-stop tech, leadership and innovation academy that focuses on supercharging the digital economy within the ASEAN region. They offer affordable online and in-person courses that are related to IT and tech such as cybersecurity, data analytics, UI/UX design, digital marketing and many others. They aspire to bridge the gap between tertiary education and advanced industries, and is a great place to look for on-demand courses for a variety of skills!

Founded in 2014 and based in Petaling Jaya, NEXT Academy is the leading full stack coding and digital marketing school in Southeast Asia. Their courses are presented as boot camps where they provide programs that are designed by industry experts in Silicon Valley and benchmarked against world standards. They aim to ensure alumni are highly capable and employable - extending this to working professionals who can claim the tuition fees through HRD Corp! They also provide skill track coding mini courses for those short on time.

Aimed towards self-taught developers, Bento has a directory of curated online technology tutorials. It was founded by Jon Chan, a Principal Developer at Stack Overflow, back in 2014. Each module consists of tutorials that can be found on various platforms to provide the easiest and most relevant tracks for individuals to access and learn. This platform has been recognised and landed at the top spot of Hacker News and is well-known on Reddit.

A subsidiary of Tertiary Infotech Sdn. Bhd., Tertiary Courses Malaysia provides courses in 5 main areas: Infocomm Technology Industry, Digital Media Industry, Electronics Industry, Horticulture Industry and Business Administration. Their training is targeted at working professionals, managers, executives and technicians (PMETs), but are open to the public as well. They offer specialisation tracks for individuals that would like to narrow their skill-sets into one route.

Akademi General Assembly (GA) is considered to be an alternative to higher education. They are both nationally and internationally recognised for their award-winning curriculums that are taught by world-class instructors. GA is registered as a training provider with the Ministry of Finance (MOF) and Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF). You can opt to pay your tuition fees in instalments if you are a self-paying individual or you can claim tuition fees from your employer’s HRD Corp levy.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up and learn to code today!


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