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Hire Fast,
Hire Effectively. 

TRIIIO Recruitment specialises in recruiting the right people for you.

You're in Good Company

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Hire the effectively with a data driven, systematic approach.

Work with specialist recruiters

Our consultants focus on developing deep networks within your industry. 

Flexible pricing structure

Gain the most out of your investment with tailored pricing plans.

Awesome TRIIIO recruiter

Recruit your entire tech team

Staff your entire tech team quickly, from Software Engineers to QA Engineers and even Product Managers!

Why work with our specialist recruiters?

Our expert IT recruiters have a strong pulse of the candidate market, so you can recruit your tech team faster.

Specialist recruiters

Licensed recruitment firm

450+ successful placements

Caring, innovative and extremely driven

Founded in 2016, TRIIIO is a licensed recruitment firm with the Ministry of Human Resources Malaysia. We use data, technology and a lot of tender-loving-care to help you solve your recruitment challenges.

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